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Why do students from India favor the UK as a top destination for studies?

The UK has some of the oldest Colleges and Universities in the world tracing their origins to the Twelfth and Thirteenth centuries. Having such an unparallel legacy, it is not surprising that millions of students globally apply to study in the UK every year. The standard of education in the UK has emerged as the benchmark for other nations.

Why do you want to study in UK?

Indians have been moving to the UK for several centuries now. Let us try to understand why study in UK is the preferred choice of many aspiring overseas students in India.

Types of UK Student Visas and Requirements for application

Here is a brief overview of the categories of UK Study Visas and requirements to be fulfilled for the application:

UK Student Visa Type Whom it is for At what time to apply Entry to the UK
General Tier 4 Student Visa Students of age 16 years or more who have received admission into a study program in an educational institution in the UK and having a lawful sponsor for Tier 4 Visa 12 weeks preceding to the beginning of your course Maximum of 1 week prior if the duration of your course is for 6 months or lesser.

Maximum of 1 month prior if the duration of your course is for more than 6 months.
Short-term Student Visa Students who have received admission into a course of short-term the UK like a training course or English language course 3 months prior to your date of journey to the UK Based on your nominated dates for travel

Cost to Study in UK

The tuition fees to study in the UK differ based on the type of study programs and the college or university that you have chosen.

Here are the basic expenses for studying:

Sl. no. Study Program Average fee in GBP*
1 Bachelor’s /Undergraduate degree GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000 annually
2 Master's /Postgraduate degree GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000 annually
3 Doctoral degrees GBP 15,000 to GBP 24,000 annually

* It must be noted here that all the figures are only estimation. Costs for Ph.D. can vary as completely funded options are also offered by the UK.

If you would like to decrease the costs of studies, it is preferable that you apply for diverse scholarships offered to students from India.

Scholarship to Study in UK

The number of funds available and the award type differs based on the institution. Some programs for research can offer even up to a hundred prevent of tuition fees apart from also covering the living costs partially.

Scholarships for Indian students to study in UK

Here are a few of the renowned scholarship programs of the government that you can apply for studying in the UK as a student from India.

Sl. no. Scholarship Name Description
1 Chevening Scholarship This scholarship is for talented professionals who have demonstrated leadership skills and outstanding performance previously in their specific fields. You have the option to apply for a fellowship or scholarship and this is decided by the UK Embassies and High Commission.
2 Commonwealth Fellowship and Scholarship Overseas students from the commonwealth nations are offered the opportunity to undertake Master’s degrees in the UK through the Commonwealth Scholarship. It caters chiefly to students from these nations seeking to study in the UK.
3 GREAT Scholarship This scholarship is funded jointly by the British Council and the GREAT Britain Campaign of the UK Government under the campaign Study UK. It is a program that consists of ninety-nine scholarships across thirty-six Universities in diverse subjects. But for students from India 12 Postgraduate scholarships are being offered by 12 higher education institutions in the UK.
4 India Charles Wallace Trust Scholarships CWIT is the fund for scholarships of India Charles Wallace Trust offering grants to students living currently in India in the middle or early stages of their career and either studying or working in the Humanities, Arts, or Heritage Conservation.
3 Saltire Scotland Scholarships Saltire Scholarships of Scotland is an initiative of the Scottish Government in partnership with Scottish Universities offered in areas of renewable and clean energy, healthcare, medical sciences, science, technology, and creative industries.

* It must be noted here that all the figures are only estimation. Costs for Ph.D. can vary as completely funded options are also offered by the UK.

If you would like to decrease the costs of studies, it is preferable that you apply for diverse scholarships offered to students from India.

Intakes in the UK

Universities and Colleges in the UK provide 2 chief intakes. However, some of the Universities also offer the 3rd intake in the summer.

The UK Universities offer two chief intakes, but some also offer three intakes.

Intakes Duration
Fall /Autumn September to December
Spring January to April
Summer April to June

Top courses to Study in UK

The UK is a leading destination for overseas students with its global standards Universities, seasoned faculties, and assorted opportunities in diverse sectors. Here are some of the popular courses to study in the UK:

1. Engineering and Technology
2. Business Management
3. Medicine
4. Social Sciences
5. Law
6. Media and Communication

Top Universities to Study in UK

While choosing the University in the UK for studies, it is important that you consider the latest global rankings of the Universities. It will assist you in comparing and understanding the rankings of the Universities and how your intended institution performs on a global scale

The top Universities in the UK as per 2023 QS World University Rankings are.

Sl. No. Global QS Ranking 2023 Institution
1 4 Oxford University
2 2 Cambridge University
3 6 London Imperial College
4 8 London University College
5 15 The Edinburgh University
6 28 The Manchester University
7 37 London King's College
8 56 London School of Political Science and Economics
9 64 The Warwick University
10 61 Bristol University

Top paying degrees in the UK

The UK has a vast job market and its Universities odder a few of the popular study programs that are demanded in the nation’s job market. Professionals in these fields are highly paid. Some of the top paying UK degrees are

1. Executive MBA
2. MBA
3. Doctorate
4. Masters in Finance
5. LLM

Benefits of Studying in UK

The UK is a hub of prospects for overseas students. As per World Bank data, the UK is the fifth largest global economy. This makes it is ideal destination for developing a thriving career:

Here are some of the trendy fields you can choose for higher education:

Technology and telecom Financial Services Insurance
Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Transportation and Logistics Transportation and Logistics Consumer Goods
Law Energy, Mining, Chemicals, Environmental Apps, Web, and E-commerce
Public sector and Education Media and Communication Service, Tourism, Restaurants
Consulting and Professional Services Construction and Real estate Retail and Trade
Charity and Not profit Health Care Sports, Culture, and Recreation

Living Costs in the UK

Hera is the likely minimum funds required monthly for living costs in the UK:

Expenses Monthly Cost*
Bills (Gas / Electric / Water) £40 - £50
Housekeeping and Food £160 - £200
TV license (mandatory for watching BBC online or with TV) £12.56
Mobile phone £15 - £50
Shoes and Clothes £25
Leisure and sports
(calculated on membership for sports centre for the students)
£10 - £20
Books and Stationery £21
Socializing £120
Transport and Travel
(depending on the student bus pass monthly cost)
Childcare (if needed) £656

(*It must be noted here that all figures are estimations.)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

No, studying for free in the UK is not an option for Indian students because no university in the country waives the tuition cost entirely. However, there are several government and private scholarships available in the UK to help you pay for your tuition and, in many circumstances, extra fees. You can also boost your scholarship funds by working part-time.

For Indian students, studying in the UK may be costly, especially if you attend a prestigious university. When comparing the cost of living in the UK to that of India, you will notice a significant difference, and the prospect of living in the UK with such high expenditures might be scary. To help with expenditures, you might apply for scholarships, work part-time, raise cash, or enrol in a virtual study abroad programme.

Yes, you may study in the UK without taking IELTS! Alternatives to IELTS may include university-hosted online interviews or a degree in English and high school certification. These may not be relevant to all colleges, however some do provide this option. Among the universities that offer this pathway are the University of East Anglia, the University of Bristol, London Southbank University, and Brunel University.

You can work part-time as an Indian student while studying in the UK. You can work up to 20 hours per week while studying in the UK for the duration of your semester or term. You can even work full-time throughout your university vacation. Working alongside your degree not only helps to fund living expenses, but also gives possibilities for exposure and experience!
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