What is the Canada PNP program?

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What is the Canada PNP program?

Provincial Nominee Program or Canada PNP is an amazing option over Federal Skilled Worker Program for aspiring immigration candidates to obtain the Canada PR Visa.

The benefits of PNP are especially obvious for candidates who are:
  1. Unable to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria for Canada PR Visa
  2. Unable to secure an adequate CRS score for receiving an Invitation to Apply under the Express Entry Pool

The Provincial Nominee Programs permit the provinces in Canada to choose the immigrants required by their economy. These are also pathways for immigrants to obtain the Canada PR Visa. Your chances of obtaining the ITA for PR are greatly enhanced with a nomination from a Province. You can apply for PR Visa only after you get the ITA.

Top Provinces for Canada PNP Visa from India


Ranked as the #1 Canadian province for safety by Statistics Canada


Has launched specific programs to allure highly qualified experts/professionals


Initiated 2 fresh programs for immigrants

British Columbia

Aims to entice talented and enthusiastic overseas workers


Offers advantage to immigrants through employee-driven programs

Which provinces are having the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador


Nova Scotia

Northwest Territories

Prince Edward Island


Prince Edward Island

PNP Canada Eligibility

The PNP eligibility varies based on the province and the chosen PNP immigration stream. The criteria are based on the demographic and labor market needs of the provinces and their economic objectives.

Here are the basic criteria for Skilled Immigration Streams of British Columbia Province:

A full-time, valid offer of a job (exceptions – BC Degree Stream, BC Overseas Post-graduate Stream)

The following factors determine the validity of the employer:

  • The business must be based in British Columbia
  • The signature of the employer on the declaration
  • Presence of fine reputation in British Columbia as an employer
  • Must offer a full-time, indeterminate job offer
  • Possess a good history of workplace
  • Offer competitive salary
  • Fulfilling the local labor market requirements if needed
  • The applicants have to fulfill the basic criteria of the particular immigration category

    The salary offered to them has to be competitive in British Columbia

    Offer required results for language tests like IELTS. The level of proficiency required varies depending on the presence of occupation in lists C, D, or B of the National Occupational Classification

    The job must contribute to the growth of the economy of British Columbia

    The occupation must not have an adverse impact on the employment or training of a citizen or permanent resident of Canada

    Candidates who are successful in their application for a nomination from the province get extra 600 CRS points under the PNP Canada points calculator.

    Canada PNP without job offer

    You can apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program even if you do not have a job offer. The

    Ontario HCP is basically:

    1. A pathway for skilled overseas workers intending to immigrate for work to Ontario permanently

    2. The stream permits immigrants to move to Ontario for contributing to its economy even if they do not possess a job offer

    IELTS requirements for PNP Canada

    The IELTS band score required for PNPs is variable based on the province and immigration category. Some of the PNPs also accept lower scores in IELTS and these are:

    1. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program /MPNP

    2. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program /SINP

    Documentation for the Canada PNP

    The documents that you will require for the PNPs will be based on the unique eligibility criteria of each program. A few of the fundamental documents necessary are:

    1. Accurate application form for the Primary Applicant
    2. Attestation of forms for spouse and other dependents
    3. Latest color photos
    4. Lawful Passport
    5. ID Proof
    6. ECA - Educational Credential Assessment Report
    7. Language Proficiency Test results/IELTS
    8. Evidence of funds
    9. Medical Exam Reports
    10. Certificate for Police Clearance
    11. Documents supporting spouse and dependents

    Application Process for Provincial Nominee Programs or Canada PNP

    There are two ways to file application for the PNP process

    Express Entry System Application

    The application under the Express Entry System can be submitted in two methods

    Method 1:

    • Create profile in Express Entry
    • Enter the pool of candidates after submitting the essential documents
    • Here onwards various Territories and Provinces seek appropriate candidates
    • The candidates selected by diverse PNPs receive Notification of Interest/NOI
    • The candidates can now file Expression of Interest/EOI to the Express Entry Stream

    Method 2:

    • You search for a appropriate PNP and apply for a nomination
    • The candidates who are successful in receiving the nomination can create profile in Express Entry System
    • After creating the profile they can demonstrate the nomination from the province
    • The candidates selected by diverse PNPs receive Notification of Interest/NOI
    • The candidates can now file Expression of Interest/EOI to the Express Entry Stream
    Non-Express Entry System (paper-based)
    • Choose a suitable PNP depending on the eligibility criteria
    • File the Expression of Interest through the non-Express Entry category
    • Your application will be assessed according to the points allocation system of the specific PNP
    • You will receive a nomination letter if you are selected
    • Now you must file a paper-based application for Canada PR Visa with IRCC

    Canada PNP Cost

    The cost incurred for the PNP application varies based on the chosen province and immigration stream. The fee configuration to apply is as follows:

    Province Extra Fees Charged
    Ontario Immigration Nominee Program CAD 1500
    Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program CAD 350
    Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program CAD 1500
    British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program CAD 1150
    Quebec Skilled Workers Program
    (Only for Quebec Province )
    CAD 812
    Primary Applicant: CAD 785
    Partner or Spouse: CAD 168
    Dependent Kid: CAD 168

    PNP Processing Time

    The processing times for the PNP applications vary based on the application process of the respective PNPs. It can take around 1 or 2 years if you have filed an application through the Non-Express Entry Stream. However, if you have filed an application through Express Entry, it may take roughly 6 months.

    Which is the best pathway for Canada PR Visa - Express Entry or PNP?

    Many applicants are keen to know the better choice between PNP and Express Entry. Some favor PNP while others support Express Entry. Nevertheless, you must make the best attempt to succeed in your Canada PR Visa application. So, it is very crucial to select the correct program.

    After receiving a nomination from one province, can you move to another province?

    You can relocate to another province after receiving a nomination from a specific Province. However, you must note that:

    1. You must not declare your intention to move to the other province to the Canadian Border Officers. If you do so you will be deported.

    2. You cannot relocate prior to receiving the COPR - Confirmation of Permanent Residence. If you do so you can lose the provincial nomination. You cannot relocate even if you receive the PR Card

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    However, PNPs are a popular option because they can be the easiest pathway to Canadian permanent residence. All decisions regarding Canadian permanent residence must be approved at the national level by the federal government, so Canada's provinces cannot approve permanent resident status on their own.

    The benefits of enhanced PNP streams are that they award Express Entry candidates an additional 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, which essentially guarantee they will receive a permanent residence invitation under Express Entry.

    As of January 2023, OINP considers immigration applications on the basis of jobs. This means that different jobs have different IELTS requirements. So, if you are a medical professional, then your IELTS requirements might not be as high as you would expect.

    People using the non-Express Entry-aligned PNPs will face long processing times of between 15 and 19 months. This is far longer than the 4 to 6 months it usually takes Express Entry Applicants.

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