What is the eligibility to Study in Australia?

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What is the eligibility to Study in Australia?

Several thousands of overseas students seek to Study in Australia every year for obtaining a globally accredited degree and to fast-track their careers. Australia offers extensive opportunities in diverse industries. It is tough to surpass the nation in terms of academic excellence, lifestyle, and backing for overseas students irrespective of the chosen study program. It could be a full-time MBA Program, Humanities program, Engineering Degree, or course in the English language.

The trends of Study in Australia for Indian students have increased over the years significantly. This is owing to the education quality, diversity of courses, and work prospects after studies. You can select from 22,000 courses offered by 1, 100 Institutions and Universities in Australia. Australia offers globally accredited degrees, diverse scholarship opportunities, and opportunities to study from top-class global instructors.

Visa requirements for Study in Australia?

The Subclass Australia Visa you require will be based on the type of study, level of course, and the duration of the study program. You will need the Subclass 500 Student Visa as an overseas student notwithstanding your chosen University, the field of study, and tuition fees. This Visa was launched on 1 July 2016 and permits overseas students to remain in Australia for the period of their program of study. It is usually for 5 years and corresponds with your date of enrollment.

For an easy stay, you have to make sure that your Study Visa remains valid and that you comply with the conditions of the Visa specified o your Student Visa. The website of the Department of Home Affairs of the Government of Australia offers exhaustive details about this.

Cost to Study in Australia

Your expenses for the tuition fees are based on the kind of qualification and the school or university in Australia that you have chosen. For example, Medical and Veterinary degrees have considerably higher costs in comparison with other degrees.

The normal tuition fees at a tertiary institution in Australia can range from AUD 30,000 to AUD 20,000 annually. Usually, study programs in Education, Arts, and Humanities are slightly affordable while subjects like Engineering and Medicine are more costly. The tuition fees are normally higher for Post-graduate Programs and the costs are variable based on the program.

Intakes in Australia

Universities and Colleges in Australia have 2 main intakes in comparison with the single intake in Universities in India. The intakes can also be termed as semesters in a few Universities.

The 2 intakes offered by Universities in Australia are:

  • Semester One: Begins belatedly February/early on March to belatedly May/early on June
  • Semester Two: Begins belatedly July/early on August through to November

Study in Australia: Top courses

Here are the top courses for overseas students who wish to pursue higher studies in Australia:

Here are the basic expenses for studying:

  • Business Analytics
  • Engineering
  • Masters of Business Administration)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medicine
  • Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences

Study in Australia: Top Universities

While choosing the University in Australia for your studies, it is important that you also keep in mind the global ranking of the Universities:

Sl.No. Institution Global QS Ranking in 2022 Global QS Ranking in 2023
1The Australian National University2730
2The Melbourne University3733
3The Sydney University3841
4The New South Wales University4345
5The Queensland University4750

Job opportunities In Australia

You can decrease your living costs and obtain a valuable work experience while studying as an overseas student in Australia. The laws in Australia permit part-time work for students for a maximum of 40 hours for 14 days.

Employment options include:

  • Tutoring
  • On-campus
  • Hospitality
  • Office jobs
  • Retail
  • Freelance
  • Volunteering
  • Miscellaneous

Study in Australia Cost for Indian students

As per the 2022 Index Quality-of-Life and 2022 Human Development Index, Australia is included in the top 10 nations. It means that the nation is included among the top nations in terms of purchasing power parity index, education system, and GDP. Thus, Australia has superior standards of health awareness, political stability, and a medical system along with high-income levels.

While planning your budget for studying in Australia, you have to consider the following costs:

Living Expenses Indicative of Weekly budget
Eating out and Groceries$140 to $280
Electricity Gas$10 to $20
Internet and Phone$15 to $30
Public transport$30 to $60
Car (after buying)$150 to $260
Entertainment$80 to $150

Studying overseas can be costly; however, through smart planning of your budget, you can effectively manage your finances. Prior to leaving India, you must make sure to think about costs like food, accommodation, travel, and health coverage apart from your tuition fees. This will offer you an overall picture of your total estimated expenses for studying in Australia. It will also assist you in planning your budget more efficiently.

Your major expenditure for studying in Australia will be your tuition fees. It is variable based on diverse factors. Meanwhile, Indian students can also avail themselves of many scholarships for pursuing higher education in Australia. The scholarship worth and study program applicable are variable based on the type of scholarship program.

Sl.No. Average fees in AUD Study Program
1$7800 to $30000 yearlySchool
2$350-450 weekly (varies as per the length of the course)Studies in the English language
3$4000 - $22000 yearlyVET - Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV
4$15000 - $35000 yearlyBachelor’s / Undergraduate degree
5$20000 - $42000 yearlyMaster’s / Postgraduate Degree
6$20000 - $42000 yearly (remarkable scholarships are available up to 100% with living grants on fulfilling the university requirementsDoctoral Degree

Students from India cannot work in Australia if they do not have the TFN - Tax File Number. This permits you to work for 20 hours weekly during term sessions and full-time during term breaks. The income that you earn while studying in Australia is taxable.

You must note that the fluctuations in the rate of exchange can also impact your budget for studying in Australia. It is advisable that you seek a part-time job while pursuing higher education in Australia or apply for scholarships at the Universities you intend to study at. It can help you in decreasing the expenses of studying overseas to a considerable extent.

Australia Study Visa Processing Time

If you are seeking to study in Australia, you will be delighted to know that the Department of Home Affairs processes 75% of the applications for Student Visas within twenty-eight days. Meanwhile, the processing times for 90% of the Australia Study Visas are within forty-eight days.

The processing of your Australia Student Visa application can be delayed if you have not accurately filled out the application form. It also holds good if you have not attached all the information or documents needed by the Visa Officer or if it requires additional time for the immigration department for verification the documents.

You must also make a note very important that you have to make payment of the accurate charges for the Visa handling in order to ensure the successful processing of your Australia Study Visa.

To apply for Top Australian Universities for Student Visas, contact Phoenix Oversea, the leading Study Overseas Consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The tuition fees you will need to pay is dependent on the institution, level of study and type of course you choose to study.

Though studying in Australia is not as expensive as studying in the UK or the US, there are many Australian universities that charge high fees that can disrupt a student's overall budget. However, Australia also has some cheap universities that will help you save money.

Annually, the cost of living in Australia for international students is approximately AUD 15,000 - AUD 18,000 on average.

Yes. Students can apply for a student visa to Australia without taking the IELTS exam. However, students must provide evidence of their English language skills.
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