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What is British Columbia PNP?

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or British Columbia PNP is one of the Canadian PNP - Provincial Nominee Programs. British Columbia province offers abundant job opportunities to eligible candidates. You can obtain Canada PR Visa through any of the immigration streams under the BCPNP. British Columbia PNP is a kind of immigration application management program. It permits the Government of BC to recruit skilled workers. This is for fulfilling the labor market and economic demands of the province.

Who is Eligible for BC PNP Program?

You have to fulfill specific criteria in order to qualify for BC PNP. The eligibility requirements vary based on the selected immigration stream under BC PNP.

However, there are a few criteria that are to be fulfilled for all immigration streams. These include:

  • Having evidence of lawful status for migration to British Columbia province
  • Having work experience of at least 2 years in the associated skilled occupation
  • Demonstrating intention for performing the responsibilities given by the employer in BC
  • Having an offer of employment from an employer in BC (not necessary for a few immigration streams)
  • Having the specified proficiency in the language – English or French

Who can file an application for Skilled Immigration under the British Columbia PNP Program 2023?

The below table outlines the types of applicants who can file applications for Skilled Immigration under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program:

Immigration Stream Who Can Apply?
Category Health Care Professional Registered Psychiatric Nurse Specialist Midwife Physician Clinical Pharmacist Registered Nurse Physiotherapist Medical Radiation Technologist Occupational Therapist Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Medical Laboratory Technologist
Category Skilled Worker Skilled workers filing an application for occupations under NOC skill level 0, B, or A
Category Semi-Skilled Worker and Entry Level Skilled workers in these skilled occupations: Food Processing Hospitality or Tourism Long-Haul Trucking Working already in the British Columbia Northeast Development Region
Category Overseas Graduate Students studying in registered educational institutions in Canada: Co-Op Work Terms Practicum, Internships (Requirement of Eight Months) Undergraduate or Graduate Degree Diploma (Requirement of Eight Months)
Category Overseas Post-Graduate Overseas students having a master's or doctoral degree from a qualified institution in British Columbia. The acceptable study fields are: Physical Sciences Natural Resources Research & Conservation Agriculture Statistics & Mathematics Information & Computer Sciences & Support Services Biomedical & Biological Sciences Engineering Technology Health Professions & Allied Clinical Sciences Engineering

What are the common eligibility conditions for the applicants for the British Columbia Skilled Worker category?

The following are the common eligibility conditions Skilled Immigration Program applicants:

  • Prospective candidates have to accept an indeterminate and full-time job offer
  • An employer in British Columbia has to make the job offer
  • The occupation has to be categorized in NOC under skill level B, A, or 0
  • Sufficient educational qualification is required
  • Have occupation related work experience compulsorily
  • The work experience has to be lawful
  • If the offer of employment is under NOC 0 or A, then:
    1. It is not necessary to offer test results for language proficiency
  • If the offer of employment is under NOC B, C or D, then:
    1. It is necessary to have proficiency in language at CLB 4 or NCLC 4
  • The wages have to fulfill the standards for salary in British Columbia
  • Applicants have to prove intention to work in live in BC
  • They must not possess equity more than 10% in the firm that offers the job to them
  • The candidates have to demonstrate evidence of minimum income
  • The employment has to support the British Columbia economy
  • The employment should not:
    1. Negatively influence the employment of permanent residents or citizens in Canada
    2. Negatively influence the of training opportunities citizens or permanent residents in Canada
    3. Possess a negative influence on the labor disagreement

What are the eligibility criteria for BC PNP Express Entry Program?

The eligibility conditions British Columbia Express Entry Program varies based on the selected sub-stream. The below table outlines the diverse eligibility requirements:

Sl. No. Immigration Program Occupation Education Work Experience Employment
1 Category Healthcare Professional Related health professionals and other positions such as Nurses, Physicians, etc. Essential qualifications and appropriate license Directly linked work experience Public Health department must offer Full-time employment offer
2 Category Skilled Worker NOC Skill Level 0, B, or A Essential qualifications Directly linked work experience for minimum 2 years Employer in British Columbia has to make a full-time employment offer
3 Category Overseas Graduate NOC Skill Level 0, B, or A Degree or Diploma from a qualified college or university in Canada - Employer in British Columbia has to make a full-time employment offer
4 Category Overseas Post-Graduate - Master’s or Doctoral degree from a legal educational institution in BC - -

What are the documents required for the British Columbia PNP?

The documents required for BC PNP British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program are variable. It relies on the immigration program you have selected.

However, some essential documents are required. These are:

  • Authentic Passport
  • Job offer on a formal letterhead
  • Test results for proficiency in language
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Proof of Civil identity
  • Evidence of funds
  • Certificate for Police clearance
  • Essential travel documents
  • Evidence of lawful status
  • Letters of Reference from past employers
  • ECA - Educational Credential Assessment

How can you file application for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program?

You can apply for the British Columbia PNP - British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program through two diverse pathways.

Pathway 1

Step 1: Confirm the eligibility criteria

Step 2: Identify the appropriate immigration stream for application under BC PNP

Step 3: Qualified candidates can submit an Expression of Interest - EOI

Step 4: Your profile will be reviewed by the province

Step 5: You will receive the nomination from BC Province if you are selected

Step 6: You will have to create an Express Entry profile for receiving Canada PR Visa

Step 7: Essential credentials need to be uploaded online in Express Entry portal

What is the processing time for applications under BC PNP?

The time that is taken for processing immigration applications at BC PNP is based on the immigration program.

The probable processing time is given in the below table.

Immigration Program Fee for Application in Canadian Dollars Fee for Registration in Canadian Dollars Fee Review Request in Canadian Dollars Extra Fees in Canadian Dollars
Skills Immigration 150 - 500 -
Skills Immigration 3500 300 500 -
Category Strategic Projects 3500 300 500 1000 (for every chief staff)

What is the application cost for the BC PNP - British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program?

The cost of applying to the British Columbia PNP British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is variable. It is based on the chosen immigration program.

The detailed structure of the fee is outlined in the below table:

You also have to make payment for some other costs. These include:

  • Permanent Residence Right Fee - CAD 500
  • Dependent Child – CAD 225
Entrepreneur Immigration Stream
Immigration Program Likely Time Period
Skills Immigration Stream Roughly 2 to 3 Months BC Express Entry Roughly 2 to 3 Months Roughly 4 Months

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an economic immigration programme run by the Immigration Programs Bureau of the Government of British Columbia.

You can gain Canadian permanent citizenship even if you do not have a job. This is feasible because to the provincial nominee programme in British Columbia. It is not essential to have a job offer in this province of Canada to apply for the International Post-Graduate category.

No language test results are required for jobs designated as NOC level 0 or A; however, the BC PNP may demand legitimate language test results at its discretion.

The processing time for the BC PNP application will be 1-2 months. Work permit applications will differ based on where they are submitted. Visa-required citizens must apply at a Canadian Consulate located outside of Canada. Each Consulate has its own protocol, which can range from 7 to 60 days.

Yes. You must have a current Express Entry profile. For a comparable PNP stream that does not require an Express Entry profile, proceed to the next option.
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